About Us

MIG Collection was founded by Fay Siassios Anagnostopolous in 2014. 

MIG Collection, initially known for its venture into importing slippers to Australia as 'Slippers MIG,' is now poised for an exciting evolution. Founded by Fay Siassios Anagnostopolous in 2014, the brand's roots trace back to the enchanting village of Siatista in Northern Greece, where Fay's annual visits unveiled the struggles of a community tied to the craft of fur and leather outwear.

Motivated by a desire to contribute to the local economy, Fay, armed with a background in small business and a fervor for style and customer service, began the journey with Slippers MIG. However, recognizing the need for broader impact, MIG Collection is expanding its horizons. Instead of limiting itself to slippers, the brand is now on a quest to showcase the diverse craftsmanship of Greece.

In a move beyond footwear, MIG Collection is set to curate an assortment of traditional Greek crafts and unique items. By doing so, Fay aims not only to offer authentic products that embody the richness of Greek culture but also to continue supporting local communities facing economic challenges. The evolution from slippers to a broader collection signifies MIG's commitment to preserving and promoting the essence of Greek craftsmanship while making a positive impact on the lives of those who create these treasures.